What you need to make:

  • 1 photo of a plant(s)
  • 1 drawing of that plant(s)

Things to consider: 
I encourage you to go on a walk in your neighborhood or wherever you may find yourself on your travels. Don't forget your camera! For your drawing, you can draw from the photograph you took or draw from real life observation. Drawings can be explorative and interpretive of the subject.

How to Apply:
Include the following in an email to
1. First and last name
2. Instagram username (if applicable)
3. Where your plant resides. Please include city, state, and country.
4. 1 photo of the plant(s), 1 image of your drawing
*All images must be 300 dpi and under 5 MB. 
5. If you would like to include a few sentences about your experience, the plant, etc. please do!

If accepted, your artworks will be featured on the Found in Soil blog and our Instagram:

Thank you & happy wandering!